Friday, July 27, 2007

How 'bout "Whoremongers for Fiscal Responsibility"?

Disgraced Senator David Vitter (JOHN-DC/LA) delivered a speech at a Republican policy (oxymoron?) lunch on Tuesday, in which he urged his fellow party members to "rebrand" themselves as a means of regaining public trust.

The Hill's Under the Dome blog provided this description:

Only seven days earlier, he had delivered a heartfelt apology at the same weekly meeting. Fellow Republicans responded with thunderous applause, and most refused to tell reporters how Vitter had addressed his forced public admission that he had committed a “serious sin” and was linked to an alleged prostitution ring.

So just imagine their confusion when Vitter scrambled to his feet a week later. Would he apologize again? Had he committed some new sin?

But no. Instead, he launched into a speech about his thoughts on “rebranding” the party by reclaiming the fiscal conservative mantle.

Yes, that’s right: Vitter, on improving the Republican image.

This time, his colleagues held the applause.

So, does this mean Vitter will be driving a harder bargain in future negotiations with escort services?

True to his hypocritical ways, Vitter has been a staunch defender of the reckless tax-cut-and-spend policies of the Bush administration in the House and the Senate (does that make him a switch hitter?). Now, as a member of a minority party that appears hell-bent on becoming a still-smaller minority party thanks to its refusal to break with the incredibly unpopular policies of an administration that has used war as an excuse for a grab for monarchical power, Vitter proposes that he and his fellow Republicans pretend as if the profligate years of their lack of oversight of the Bush administration never happened.

Like the year J.R. Ewing was shot on the television soap opera "Dallas," Vitter would have us believe that the nightmare we have all lived through has actually been a dream.

What, exactly, is David Vitter taking these days to come up with such ideas?

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