Tuesday, July 10, 2007

See Republican Evil, Report No Republican Evil

The story of Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter's serial infidelity and hypocrisy is all over the news.

It's in the main stream media.

It's on the Internet.

It's on the front page of local papers.

It's on local television news.

But it's not on Fox News Louisiana.

Nope. I happened to catch the entire 'news' cast tonight following the Baseball All-Star game (I caught the bottom of the ninth inning).

Not a word about Vitter.

The Lafayette version had a story on armed robberies and another on drug awareness. The state section had a piece on the impact of tax cuts passed by the Legislature and a story on U.S. Senate hearings on the post-storm recovery process.

But, not word of the still-emerging scandal focused on Senator David Vitter's madame mongering while posing as a defender of family values.

It's clear that Fox News Louisiana is here on a mission. Reporting news not favorable to Republicans is not part of that mission.

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