Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where I've Been

As some may have noticed, I have not made a post since the March 15 election of officers for the Louisiana Democratic Party. It was a bitterly disappointing day. Not just because my candidate for party chair lost, but also because of the manner in which the meeting was conducted.

In short, it is clear that the people who currently run the Louisiana Democratic Party are people who believe that elections are charades to be tolerated on the path to pre-determined outcomes.

On at least three occasions since that meeting I decided to leave the party because I did not feel it was worth the effort of working to save it from its own bad instincts. I talked myself out of it the first time. Friends talked me out of it on the other two occasions.

A factor in the process of deciding to stay was the matter of what I would do if I did stay. I decided I would not stay if I did not believe I could continue to work to change the party.

Despite all the anger I felt after the March 15th LDP meeting, the basic fact is that there is a core group of people on the state central committee and in the parish executive committees who are committed to the longer fight of transforming this party. I decided that my desire to be part of that effort was stronger than the revulsion I felt as a result of the lies, betrayal, and opportunism displayed by people I once respected.

So, I've decided to say and fight.

Let's get at it!

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