Monday, April 14, 2008

War Mongers for Jenkins!

The website Politico reports that the pro-Iraq War Freedoms Watcha 527 created, in part, by former members of the Iraq Provisional Authority — has made media buy in the 6th Congressional District special election.

Surprise, surprise! They are working to elect Republican Woody Jenkins!

Well, considering Woody's yeoman service in support of the illegal funding and arming of the so-called Contras in the also illegal U.S.-funded war against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua as half of the Iran-Contra scandal, it's no surprise that one set of would-be imperialists would throw wads of cash and disinformation in support of another imperialist.

File this under one good scam deserves another!

So, the people who brought us the geopolitical, military, and fiscal debacle that is Iraq are coming to the 6th District to attack Don Cazayoux.

Trying to spin the unspinable. Gotta love it!

Got to be good news for Cazayoux!

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