Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Smear Campaign! I'm honored!!!

Tonight, someone hiding behind the nom de plume "Michael Hahn" circulated an email alleging that I contributed to Republican Woody Jenkins' campaign in the 6th Congressional District. The email contained the image you see above, which purports to be a money order that I sent to the Jenkins campaign.

There is no doubt that Jenkins got the money. But the money did not come from me.

I have never voted for a Republican — nor ever contributed to a Republican campaign.

This is a smear campaign.

I guess this is my official welcome into Louisiana Democratic Party politics.

Thanks, "Mr. Hahn," for the honor!


Anonymous said...

Mike, this is bizarre, awesome, and hilarious for a few reasons:

Woody Jenkins can't accept "anonymous" money orders. He was running for United States Congress. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't there some disclosure statements you would have needed to sign before he could have placed your name on his campaign finance reports?

This means someone completely forged a money order, took a picture of it, scanned it in, uploaded it on the Internet, and disseminated it via e-mail simply to impugn you.

Bizarre. And indeed, worthy of congratulations. Obviously people are listening.


Mike Stagg said...


You raise some excellent points. This matter is being pursued on several fronts.

Thanks for your support!


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