Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank you, John Kennedy — for reminding me why I support Mary Landrieu

John Kennedy did a great job of reminding Democrats why they should vote to re-elect Senator Mary Landrieu this year.

It was Kennedy's ads that reminded Democrats that Senator Landrieu does, in fact, have a somewhat progressive voting record (calling it "radical" or "liberal" was really stretching it).

Mary, on the other hand, had the fear of Jindal in her. She and her staff were apparently convinced that the only way she could win re-election in post-Katrina/Rita Louisiana was to make Republicans feel comfortable with her. There was, no doubt, some accuracy in that assessment, but with African American vote going through the roof in support of Barack Obama's historic run, the Landrieu campaign veered dangerously close to turning off core Democratic constituents to her candidacy.

So, Mary owes John Kennedy a debt of gratitude for reminding Democrats that they do, indeed, have good reasons to support our senior senator's re-election.

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