Friday, August 7, 2009

Healthcare Reform: D.C. Déja vu

If the healthcare reform debate sounds familiar, thats because we have heard it all before.

Everytime a Democratic president has sought to shield ordinary people from harsh aspects of our economic reality, Republicans have rushed to oppose the president and defend the status quo.

In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt proposed the Social Security program to help lift seniors, widows and orphans out of poverty. Republicans opposed the plan and called it the first step on the road to communism.

The Social Security program has proved itself to be our countrys essential social safety net for seniors and the disabled.

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson won passage of the Medicare program to prevent medical expenses from driving seniors and retirees into poverty. Republicans fought Medicare every step of the way and called it Socialized Medicine.

Forty-four years later, hundreds of millions of seniors have enjoyed their later years secure in the knowledge that medical bills will not drive them to financial ruin.

Today, President Barack Obama is working to win Healthcare Reform to help middle and working class families. His plan would end the abusive practices of health insurance companies, make insurance more affordable, and protect all of us from the financial ruin that can result from serious illness.

As usual, Republicans are opposing the plan, saying it will lead to Socialized Medicine.

Republicans were wrong about Social Security. They were wrong about Medicare. And they are wrong today about Healthcare Reform.

President Obamas Healthcare Reform plan will be good for Louisiana families and businesses.

To get more information on the Presidents Healthcare Reform program and what it means to you, go to any of these websites.

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