Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clifton Chenier Panel being seated

Senator Landrieu in the center. Dr. Nellie August-Prudhomme to her left. Dr. Mike Robichaux to her right.

Mike tests being conducted. Technical tests.

Blue Rolfes: Welcome to forum hosted by Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee.

Hot topic.

Take two due to technical difficulties.

Here we go again.

People want to know what is in the plan and what will it mean. How will it affect us.

Louisiana Senior Senator Mary Landrieu. First Louisiana woman elected to full term in the U.S. Senate. Appropriations committee member. Senate Energy committee. Won the energy bill with big bucks from off shore (you know, the one Jindal took credit for).

Dr. Michael Robichaux of Raceland. LSU Tiger all-SEC in the 1960s. National Guard. Private practice. Former member of the Louisiana state Senate. Working on price and safety of prescription drugs.

Dr. Nellie August-Prudhomme is a doctor of Nursing Sciences and a Master of Public Health from Tulane. RN. Psychiatric nurse, too. Clinical faculty at LSU-Eunice.

Opening statements next.

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