Thursday, March 8, 2012

Presentations from Cecilia Education Issues Forum

Speakers who took part in the Education Issues Forum at Cecilia High School on Sunday have made their presentations available for download.

Click here to download the PDF version of the presentation delivered by Louisiana Retired Teachers Association's Graig Luscombe.

To download the PDF version of the presentation by Bambi Polotzola of the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council, click here.

Bryan Alleman provided great information regarding issues and concerns, as well as how to engage legislators on education issues in the session. You can download the PDF of his presentation by clicking here.

This summary includes links to resources that show the effectiveness (or lack of) for educational reforms, as well has how to stay on top of developments at the session.

NEWER! Here is the presentation by Parks Primary Principal Bonnie Thibodeaux on the Compass teacher evaluation system and its shortcomings. Ms. Thibodeaux's school is recognized as an excellent school by the State of Louisiana under its current grading system.

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