Monday, July 16, 2007

Vitter to Rain on Jindal's Parade

The love is apparently gone from the once-ardent political love affair between David Vitter and Bobby Jindal.

Today, Jindal launched his gubernatorial campaign with a whirlwind flight schedule across the state, committed to ignoring the problems of his former friend and mentor Vitter resulting from the now-Senator's hypocrisy on the issue of family values.

The Associated Press reported that Jindal launched his tour vowing to ignore Vitter and focus on Louisiana's future.

Nice try, Bobby!

The junior senator from Louisiana will have none of it.

Shortly after noon today, Vitter's office announced that he will hold a 5:05 p.m. press conference in Metairie, obviously timed to accommodate 5 p.m. news coverage in New Orleans and (presumably) around the state.

As luck would have it, Vitter's press conference will fall between Jindal's Lafayette announcement at 3:15 p.m. and his 6 p.m. New Orleans announcement.

Odds are that Vitter's announcement will force coverage of Jindal's swing off the evening newscasts and certainly push coverage of the swing by newspapers off the front pages.

Could the timing of Vitter's press conference be a form of payback for Jindal's lukewarm support of Vitter during the Senator's crisis? Maybe Bobby should have stood a little closer to his man?

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