Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jindal flees Shreveport questions about Vitter

The Shreveport Times reports today that Guvna Wannabe (Bobby Jindal) resolutely refused to even acknowledge reporters questions about his politically-damaged former mentor and friend Senator David Vitter.

Here's the relevant passages from today's Times coverage:

U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal maintained his silence about U.S. Sen. David Vitter, an ardent Jindal supporter, during Jindal's gubernatorial campaign kickoff visit to Shreveport on Monday.

Jindal spent about 30 minutes at Shreveport's Downtown Airport. Following a brief speech outlining his goals, he chatted with well-wishers. About 100 people, among them local politicians and candidates, attended the kickoff.

Vitter, who is at the center of a sex scandal, endorsed Jindal in February. Vitter's endorsement letter, and a blog post about it, appeared on Jindal's Web site at least through the first week of July. Since news that Vitter's phone number was found on the phone list of a Washington, D.C., madam broke, both items — and links to other endorsements — are a
bsent from the site.

Vitter also supported Jindal's 2003 bid for governor, while Jindal endorsed Vitter's bids for office since 2003.

Jindal ignored reporters' questions about his take on Vitter's situation but spoke enthusiastically about his goals to change Louisiana. After delivering sound bites in response to a television reporter's questions, he headed for a waiting airplane and similar stops in Lake Charles, Lafayette and New Orleans, striding away from two reporters who followed to ask about Vitter.

Jindal's stonewalling the Vitter scandal in Shreveport took place just about the same time as Vitter's staff issued the call for the "5:05 p.m." photo-op (can't call it a press conference when he didn't answer any questions).

So, what do we know today? We know that Jindal is running for govenor (a 'secret' as poorly kept from the public as Vitter's hypocrisy was from his top Republican backers). And, we know he's running away from Vitter.

As the calls for Vitter's resignation spread within the Republican Party, Jindal's ability to keep his distance from Vitter's scandal will diminish — or, the energy required to do so will detract from Jindal's ability to run an effective campaign.

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