Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Acadiana Counters the Filibuster

Lafayette and Acadiana joined with members at about 130 sites on Tuesday evening to calling on Republicans in the U.S. Senate to end their obstruction to changes in U.S. policy in Iraq. The event was held in front of the John Shaw Federal Courthouse in downtown Lafayette. It drew about 20 participants including Republicans, veterans, members of Pax Christi, and, of course, members of

We also drew three counter-counter-filibusterers (people who support the war). As the event progressed, they ended up being badly outnumbered.

It was a very moving event and one that drew significant media attention. Here's the story from The Advocate. Here's the story from The Daily Advertiser.

Our target was disgraced Louisiana Senator David Vitter. Vitter pretended to work in Washington on Tuesday, being hounded by the media for answers to questions he refuses to take.

If this man is serious about redeeming his political soul, one possible path would be to demonstrate that he is willing to put the good of the country ahead the good of his party and stop defending a failed policy in Iraq that has destabilized South Asia and the Middle East, turned Iraq in to a recruiting weapon for Al Queida, and imperiling the viability of the Army and Marines, as well as the safety of the country.

Other Republicans are listening. Vitter has yet to demonstrate that he cares for anything but saving his own skin.

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