Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Campbell Talks Policy While Jindal Blathers

Louisiana Public Service Commissioner and Democratic candidate for governor Foster Campbell spoke in Lafayette on Tuesday. His detailed accounting of his policies contrasted sharply with the hollow rhetoric of Republican Guvna Wannabe Bobby Jindal.

Here's a bit from the Lafayette Daily Advertiser's coverage:

Former state Sen. Foster Campbell, D-Bossier City, who stopped Tuesday in Lafayette for a meeting with the Lafayette Kiwanis Club, said that pushing for ethics reform is fine, but "that won't solve the state's problems."

The next governor needs to have plans to address poverty, coastal erosion, infrastructure backlogs, education and health-care issues, Campbell said, adding that he has solutions for each of them.

He said he believes his plan to charge oil and gas companies a 6 percent "processing" fee for moving their product in pipelines throughout the state - as opposed to the current system that dates back to 1921 and taxes only oil and gas taken from state lands - would pave the way toward solving a lot of the problems.

It also would open up the possibility of abolishing the state income tax, which would drop $3 billion dollars into the laps of Louisiana's citizens.

Campbell said U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal, R-Kenner, the front-runner and biggest proponent of ethics reform, has made ethics his focus because he lacks a policy of his own.

Jindal mentioned ethics at every stop on his Monday campaign swing across the state — right before he refused all comment on the immoral and possibly illegal behavior of his erstwhile friend and mentor, Senator David Vitter.

Hasn't this been the problem with Jindal and other DC Republicans — an inability to address inconvenient truths? How can Jindal say he'll lead on ethics when he can't even deliver a straight comment on the actions of a disgraced fellow Republican?

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