Monday, October 15, 2007

Jindal Using Slo-Mo to Fake Sincerity

The reason the Jindal campaign has kept Jindal the candidate away from debates has become pretty clear: the lad is a control freak with a hair-trigger temper. Combine that with his apparent inability to slow down the pace of his speech and you've got the kind of problem that Jindal and his handlers have been trying to hide from the public.

The lad will, obviously say the first thing that pops into his head and as rapidly as possible. At times it can come across as a complete lack of sincerity.

Witness the new Jindal campaign spot in which he tries to defend the indefensible — that is, his voting record against the interests of veterans. One way the campaign believed they could do this was to get Jindal to talk in slow, measured terms — like a person would talk if they were trying to make a point very clearly, or to convey anger.

Apparently, the boy genius couldn't pull it off. If you look at the campaign spot closely, you'll notice that they slowed down the video to give the impression that Jindal was actually speaking slowly. But, if you watch his hand movements and the blinking speed of his eyes, you'll see that the only way they could achieve the effect they wanted was to slow the video down.

That's right! Guv'na Wannabe had to resort to slow motion in order to approach the idea that he could express emotion!

Watch it.

Update: The Jindal video has been yanked from YouTube! Guess they didn't want anyone taking too close a look at it.

If someone out there has Tivo, please grab the ad and re-post it! People need to see this.


Update — Tuesday 7:30 p.m.

Here's another link to the video.

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